Varkon Geometry Tutorial: Introduction 2006-05-31


Varkon is a free CAD system and  high level development tool for Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Product Modeling applications originally developed by Microform AB in Sweden. Now maintained and further developed by the CAD group at the Department of Technology at Örebro university in Sweden.

The tutorial is in the form of MBS samples. For each sample there is:
Background information
Instructions how to run
Documentation extracted from the MBS code
MBS source code
References to the Varkon Users and Programmers Manuals

All samples with references (REF) as input and output parameters are global references. The setting flag -global_ref should be set when a PART is created.

Please refer to section References that gives the reasons for the use of global references. Many samples will probably work without making input references to global references, but some will not.

Sample .mbs source can be downloaded. These text files are created in Windows and need to be converted to Unix files.