Varkon Geometry Tutorial: Export and Import of Data 2006-04-01

Export and Import of Data

There are unfortunately in Varkon no real good functions available for export and import of surfaces.

The function SUR_EXDEF can import surfaces in VDA-FS format. This is an exchange format that the German automobile industry for many years was developed. It is a simple, human readable format. Many CAD systems support this format.

The Varkon VDA-FS import function was developed with files created in Catia. A couple of years ago I had a problem with a file from some other CAD system. Varkon crashed. I fixed the problem in my Varkon version, but I don’t remember if I sent the fix to Örebro. One day when I get some free time I will investigate…..

The F07 format has been used quite a lot and not only to exchange data with the British Aerospace surface definition system NMG. I have developed some Varkon applications for surface definition, where the output were bicubic surfaces, and other applications where the input were these bicubic surfaces. It is often a good idea to split the creation and the use of the surfaces in different applications. With the F07 format can for instance a surface directory (“surface database”) be created and be made available to other Varkon applications and users.

Somewhere I have a function that exports surfaces in Iges format. The function has not been tested so much, and I should perhaps not make it available to the Varkon user community. Please let me know if there is an interest!

In one of my computers I may also have a function that writes surface data on VDA-FS format, but I am a bit uncertain. I will later search …

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