Varkon Geometry Tutorial: Generic Models 2006-03-12

Generic Models

Please refer to
Varkon Users Manual: Generic modeling
Varkon Users Manual (MODULE type and attribute): MACRO
Varkon Programmers Manual: Module manipulation routines

In a traditional CAD system the same type of a geometry entity can be created with multiple functions.
The information how the entity was created and with what input data is not stored.
For instance a circle segment can be defined with many functions.
In this example the resulting circle segment stored as rational quadratic. This is the format that is used for circles in Varkon.

Traditional CAD model

In Varkon the data that generates the the result is stored (in a .mbo file).
This is called a Generic Model.
The result data (an Explicit Model) can also be stored (in a .res file), but the result
is a slave to the Generic Model.
An important type of input data that is handled by the Generic Model is the
identity (REF) of a previuosly created entity.


The user works only with the Generic Model, and not with the Explicit Mode.
The Generic Model can be created and modified with functions that are invoked from menus.
But the Generic Model can also be created and modified as a MBS program.


With Varkon it is also possible to develop applications where MBS programs are creating
and modyfying the Generic Model. There are MBS functions like Delete, Change, and Add
objects and Load and Run the Generic Model. These functions can be called from modules
of type MACRO.