Varkon Geometry Tutorial: References 2006-03-12


Please refer to the:
Varkon Users Manual (VARKON95.EXE) for a description of the Varkon start option -global_ref
Varkon Programmers Manual for a description of the function global_ref()
Varkon Users Manual for a description of the "The REF datatype"

A good strategy for input and output references (REF) in Varkon applications is to always pass global variables.

This means that were an entity is created shall the function global_ref() be called to add the identity "path" to the reference before it is passed to another module.

The option flag -global_ref will do the same job on the top level when the user selects an entity as input to a part. The reference will be converted to a global variable, i.e. just an additional # will be added.

Instantiated tree

When local references are passed can the global_ref() function be used in the module where the reference is used. But this strategy is not good for a (general) module in a library that are used in different places in an application tree.

Please note that all samples in this manual are based on global references and the option flag -global_ref needs to be set.

Sample documentation

Sample code

Execution of sample

Download MBS code, put in mbs directory of an application, compile, start a job, create part MyPart1, create line, create MyPart4 and select line.

The function analysis->part/group->call chain shows the information that a global reference holds.